New Year's Eve

2012 New Year’s Eve Playlist

Happy (Almost) New Year everybody!

It’s New Year’s Eve aka the biggest party night of the year. If you want to really get down tonight (uh-huh uh-huh) you need a good party soundtrack. That’s why we’ve compiled the official GigMasters’ 2012 New Year’s Eve Playlist, wasn’t that nice of us? Read more…


Weekly Wrap Up: Late August Edition

sunsetSad to say but time is ticking away on summer. Not that we’ve had much time here at GigMasters HQ to get out in the sun and sand. But we’re not complaining! The GigMasters Staff spent the majority of their summer doing what we do best – helping people plan amazing events and helping our entertainers and vendors book gigs. Read more…


Weekly Wrap Up: GigMasters on Parties, Weddings & America’s Got Talent

fridayPhew! That week really flew by. That tends to happen when you’re busy planning world-class parties, weddings and, here’s a new one, America’s Got Talent episodes. Actually it’s not new, GigMasters has had not one but two members grace the AGT stage and mind-reader Eric Dittleman is making a deep run in this year’s contest. The show continues after the Olympics.

And our wrap up continues…now! Read more…

2012 Summer Olympics Gold Medal

Weekly Wrap Up: August, The Olympics & Beyond

2012 Summer Olympics Gold MedalCould it be that August is here already? Yes. Is summer almost over? Only if you’re a glass half empty type person. Luckily we’re eternal optimists here at GigMasters so we’re celebrating all the glory that comes with August rather than mourning the passing of summer.

We had a couple major news items in this first week of August. Of course the London Olympics are well underway as are the only slightly less glamorous and competitive GigMasters Office Olympics. Read more…