Office Olympics – Right Here at GigMasters!

GigMasters' Employees Hula Hooping For Gold!

When we realized it was an Olympic year, we knew we had to get in on the action…and GigMasters’ first-ever Summer Office Olympics was born. Our rock-star Customer Specialist, Katie, dropped by to tell us more about the festivities and games!

We have decided to hold our own Office Olympics here at GigMasters to coincide with the 2012 London Games! (Thanks to a number of our co-workers whom are Office fans!) We’ll be competing in events ranging from Hula Hooping to Hot Dog Eating to Ping Pong Paddle Bouncing (hey, haven’t you heard about our love here for Ping Pong?) among many more!

We always like to keep our party skills sharp here at GigMasters – so we can help our clients with planning their own awesome parties. And, after all, what work environment couldn’t benefit from some exciting team building exercises? You can host an Olympics themed party any time – a little healthy competition and some silliness is a great way to bring everyone together. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy being brought back to their childhood with a Big Wheel race or a friendly game of Mario Cart on the N 64? It’s not just an excuse to get out of your chairs anymore, but to mingle and learn you may even have a hidden talent, book balance race anyone?

Each day from Monday, July 30th to Thursday, August 9th our teams will be competing in an Office Olympic Game, completing the 2012 Games with our own Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Each event will have a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner, whether it be an individual or a whole team event. Now, here are some tips to help your event run smoothly and help make your planning that much easier!

  1. Delegate!  Planning other events in the meantime? Delegate some responsibility to your co-workers. Have each Team (Country) vote for a Captain and event they’d like to compete in. This event will be that team’s responsibility, from judging on the game day to creating rules and instructions on how to compete in their respective event. Captains will help coordinate efforts and keep team spirit high! Remember, Team Spirit always counts!
  2. Organize! Have a central location with an Olympic board where your participants can see the standings throughout the Games. This will alleviate many of the questions you will often receive such as, how’s my country doing? How many more points do we need to get the Gold? What’s tomorrow’s event? This is your Go-To place to provide daily updates to your co-workers. You can provide Game day schedule, rules, judges, etc. Trust us – this will make your planning much easier!
  3. Opening and Closing Ceremonies – What to do? Allow everyone to come together for the Opening Ceremony. When the captains introduce their team and their hosted event you’ll play each country’s’ national anthem. Allowing the teams to come together as a whole will start the buzz about what events they’re going to excel in and will only help to bring everyone closer. Then, after the Games – what better way to merge your company’s Summer Outing than for the Closing Olympic Ceremony! Do you often Picnic for the Outing? Well then, grab some burgers and the gold medals and get ready to celebrate, Olympic style! Bring your board and start announcing the winners! Plus, if you don’t cater your Picnic, have each team bring their country’s dish to create some tasty snacks too!


If you are planning your own Office Olympics and have any questions about ours, feel free to contact me or any of our Customer Specialists, we’re always happy to help. Call us at 866-342-9794 or email


Follow along all week as we post photos of our games on Facebook. Also please be sure to share your own Olympic stories and party ideas with us in the comments section below!

GigMasters Olympics

GigMasters' Office Olympics - Fiji Toss Medalists


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