Top 10 Halloween Party Trends of 2012

Halloween is more popular than ever. The proof is in the bookings – and since 2008, we’ve seen an 85% increase in Halloween event entertainment bookings. That staggering statistic made us wonder what other interesting Halloween party trends we could uncover.  We’re sharing the top 10 most fascinating Halloween trends we discovered. Here they are:

  • 85% of Halloween party hosts make their event an annual affair.
  • 56% of those hosts start planning their event at least 2-3 months in advance. Some hosts say that start planning as early as the beginning of the year.
  • Halloween isn’t just for the kids anymore – 47% of hosts only invite adults, while 43% invite a combination of adults and children. 10% of hosts plan a Halloween party just for the kiddies.
  • 60% of hosts invite fewer than 80 guests while 40% invite 80 or more guests.
  • DJ’s, fortune tellers and magicians are the top 3 most booked Halloween entertainers. People are spending an average of $419 on live Halloween entertainment this year, up 27% from 2011.
  • Over 60% of party hosts require their guests to come in costume and offer a contest at their event.
  • Over 50% of people say they plan their Halloween costume months in advance and spend over $50 for their costume. 15% of people say they have no budget and will spend whatever it costs!
  • The majority of party hosts (64%) say that they get their costume and party decorations from Party City. Oriental Trading was a close second at 33%.
  • 74% of hosts say they lean toward their costume being more attractive than scary.
  • Surprisingly, sexy is not one of the most popular costume contest categories. Scariest, best all-around, most original and funniest were named the top contest category choices.


GigMasters’ report comes from an analysis of Halloween parties planned in 2011 and 2012 along with a recent survey of clients who used GigMasters to search for Halloween entertainment.

Which Halloween party trend surprises you the most? What trends are you seeing? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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