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The Winter Olympics are Underway!

Photo credit: NBC News

The first weekend of the 2014 Winter Olympics is in the books!

On February 7th, Russian opera soprano Anna Netrebko belted out the beautiful Olympic Anthem, while the world’s top athletes joined together under one roof. Illuminated rollerskaters, ballroom dancers and a military choir were just a few of the other amazing acts displayed during the opening ceremony held in Sochi, Russia. Read more…

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Hosting a Valentine’s Day Party for the Kids

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is already right around the corner? Not to fear, PartyPail writer and web representative Jenny Franklin is here to share her advice on throwing a themed party for all your little sweethearts. Her main suggestion: keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with your spending. The kids will have a blast just getting together after school for some quality playtime! Here’s what else Jenny had to say… Read more…

Bring these guys to the Cookie Swap! Click the photo for the recipe. Credit:

Family Friendly Holiday Festivities

Bring these guys to the Cookie Swap! Click the photo for the recipe. Credit:

Underneath all of the sparkling garland and fancy wrapping paper is the true meaning of the holiday season – spending time with the ones you love! That’s why we’re serving up these three fantastic ideas for a family-friendly holiday party: Read more…

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Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Dinner Party Tips

It’s officially time to kick off the holiday season! We’re thankful for another year of great get-togethers, and for those of you who put in the hard work to make them run smoothly!

Thanksgiving can be one of the more challenging holiday events to organize. Whether you’re hosting your first or your fortieth Thanksgiving dinner, the amount of planning and prep-work remains the same. Read more…

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New Holiday Office Party Ideas

office party

Holiday office parties are the stuff of legends and jokes and for some people, fear. There’s the fear of drinking too much and embarrassing yourself, but if you’re the one planning the party there’s also the fear of planning something boring. We’ve got some new ideas to keep your staff happy and your holidays care-free. Some of these ideas may even combat the loss of productivity that happens over the holidays. Read more…

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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas and Free Printables

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Thanksgiving isn’t one of those holidays where people typically throw elaborate get-togethers. It’s really more about gathering with family and friends, eating a good meal and celebrating the many blessings you have in your life. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some fun and style to your Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve got some fabulous and free ideas for making your holiday perfect! Read more…

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Corporate Holiday Party Planning 101

Can you believe it’s that time of year already!? That’s right – it’s time to start planning your corporate holiday celebrations. While there are many things to consider when corporate party planning, you don’t need to panic – GigMasters is here to help you get started. From venue to menu, we’ve covered all the points you’ll need to tackle for hosting the best holiday bash ever! Read more…