New Year's Eve

2012 New Year’s Eve Playlist

Happy (Almost) New Year everybody!

It’s New Year’s Eve aka the biggest party night of the year. If you want to really get down tonight (uh-huh uh-huh) you need a good party soundtrack. That’s why we’ve compiled the official GigMasters’ 2012 New Year’s Eve Playlist, wasn’t that nice of us? Read more…


Party with Kids? Yes You Can!


Remember when you were a teenager and you had a friend with out-of-town parents? It meant one thing, party! Who knew then that adults wanted kids out of the way for a party just as much as kids want adults gone? If your friends have young kids this can be a challenge, especially around the holidays. Read more…

clock running out of time

Last Minute Party, a Survival Plan

clock running out of time

There are some people who can whip up a party on the spur of the moment. I am not one of those people. I love parties, but I love planning a good party almost as much as the actual party. Still, sometimes the holidays with their free time and visits from long lost friends and family make throwing a last minute party a necessity. I have a survival plan. Read more…


Hanukkah Play List

chanukah cookies

For years there have basically been three Chanukah songs: I Had a Little Dreidel, Rock of Ages, and Oh Hanukkah, O Hanukkah. That’s all changing now though and so in honor of the eight night holiday, we give you eight great Hanukkah songs. Read more…

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Christmas Party Food and Drink Ideas

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We all know that the holiday season  means we get to indulge, (maybe a bit too much), in all sorts of delicious treats. It’s hard not to when there are all sorts of goodies to choose from at Christmas parties. My favorite foods are always the ones that look as festive as they taste.  If you need some holiday party menu inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these cheerful and tasty Christmas creations. Read more…

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Quinceanera Playlist

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A Quinceanera (15th birthday) is a wonderful milestone event for a girl in the Latin community. For many, this coming of age celebration has become quite the social event – some of these parties are almost as elaborate as weddings! One of the most important parts of planning a fabulous Quince is hiring the right entertainment. Read more…

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Fourth of July Party Playlist

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The Fourth of July is a great American holiday that deserves an equally amazing soundtrack. Whether you are firing up the grill, watching fireworks or just enjoying time with family and friends – a patriotic playlist is a necessity. We’ve put together a song list that celebrates the red, white and blue and Independence Day. We included some classic songs and some newer hits to help you kick start your July 4th celebration. Read more…

summer 2012

GigMasters’ Ultimate Summer Playlist

summer 2012It’s officially official: summer is here and we are psyched! To celebrate the summer solstice, barbecues, trips to the beach and all the other great things that come with summertime, we’re posting our annual summer playlist. Not just any playlist, this is GigMasters’ ultimate summer playlist (at least until next year). Read more…