Weekly Blog Wrap-Up: Earth Day Edition


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Happy Earth Day! Hope you get to spend some time outside today hugging trees and doing your part to help Mother Earth out.

Speaking of green, this week on Inside the Gig we talked about mobile apps that can help entertainers on the road save money by finding cheap gas (apparently a number of our members are already using these apps as evidenced by the conversation on our Facebook page). We also wrote about our friends at Limelight and how they can help musicians convert cover songs into cash.

Over on the Wedding Blog we found inspiration for Easter, 4/20, outdoor weddings and couples showers (not that kind, sicko). And we couldn’t resist more coverage of the royal wedding! The countdown continues!

Last week we surveyed a number of GigMasters’ Karaoke DJs and Karaoke Musicians. The results of our conversations can be found in this post: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Karaoke But Were Afraid to Ask. It’s a lot to say (or type) but is packed with great karaoke info.

Finally we also did our part to get our readers in the summer mindset with our post: Top 10 Popular Graduation Songs 2011. High school and college and seniors out there, you are welcome!

What did we miss? Anything else cool go down this week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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