Weekly Blog Wrap-Up: Friday July 15, 2011

newsHappy day-after Bastille Day everyone! We hope all of you Francophiles out there found time to enjoy the holiday. We were a little too busy to plan much of a celebration but don’t shed any tears for us, we love what we do!

Here is what was keeping us so busy on the GigMasters blogs this week:

To start things off, we had two great kid’s party themes: All-Star Baseball Party and Harry Potter Party.  No offense to Harry or the other kids from Hogwarts but my favorite featured party of the week was Max the daschund’s birthday party. Truly a lucky (spoiled?) dog.

Bastille Day wasn’t the only holiday this week, Wednesday was Barbershop Appreciation Day and you know we didn’t miss the opportunity to blog about it. We also blogged about our search for the perfect summer cocktail – which is sounding pretty good right about now.

Over on the Wedding Blog we reported on 2011 summer wedding trends and asked the question: to flash mob or not to flash mob? We also gave out some tips on how long a reception should be and a wedding song list for kids both big and small.

Earlier today on Inside the Gig we delivered the GigMasters’ Guide to Outdoor Gigs – a must read for any performers with outdoor shows lined up this summer. We also gave a review of Turntable.fm, the music site everyone is talking about (or was talking about until Spotify launched).

Finally we discussed the latest book from Bob Baker, Guerilla Music Marketing Online. The book is filled with great advice from which every musician can benefit and a few of Bob’s priceless pointers even made it into the post – so have a look!

Told you it was a busy week. Now where is my cocktail?


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