Weekly Blog Wrap Up: Welcome to March!

MarchIt’s happened again. Another week has gone by and with it goes a whole month. Not that we’re sad to be that much closer to spring, but February was a great big, huge, awesome month here at GigMasters. We clocked over 700,000 visitors for the month as well as 20,000 gig requests, surpassing even our expectations.

Going beyond the numbers, we also celebrated our 15th anniversary┬álast month. In fact, we’re still celebrating!

This past week we found even more good news to celebrate (in case you haven’t noticed, it’s kind of what we do). We were especially thrilled when we stumbled on a ┬áblog post written by one of our members. Why so excited? Well the post was an unsolicited but glowing review of our service. Nothing makes us happier than hearing from our clients and members that we’re doing a good job. Read a synopsis of the review over on our Inside the Gig blog.

More good news – the Spectacular Spring Contest that we’re running on our Life of the Party blog, has received over 500 votes and over 700 Facebook likes! It’s been great to see such massive response the contest. It’s a tight race and we can’t wait to see who wins.

What else had us celebrating this week? Well, how about Leap Day? Sure that might seem like a little bit of a stretch but we think that any holiday that only comes around every four years is worth recognizing. There had to be someone out there who got married on Leap Day, hopefully they got a chance to check out our Top 10 Songs for a Leap Day Wedding Playlist.

At GigMasters we don’t thing you really need a reason to have a party. You can always just have a party for the heck of it. We call it the ‘Just Because’ party. Here’s one Just Because party that we thought looked especially fun. And if you need any tips on planning your own Just Because party for the little ones in your life, we have you covered in this Just Because – Kids Party Tip.


Well, that’s quite a lot of celebrating. We could write about reasons to party all day long but we’ll stop there before we go on too long.

Here’s hoping that you found as many things to celebrate last month as we did. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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