Weekly Wrap Up: A Friday Tradition

FridayAt GigMasters HQ, we can count on a few things ever Friday: our weekly company-wide meeting, lots of prep work for the coming week and a lunch time ping pong tournament. Oh yeah, it also means our Weekly Blog Wrap Up – where we let you know what’s been going on across our the three GigMasters blogs – Life of the Party, Inside the Gig and the Wedding Blog.

So, why should this Friday be any exception? I’ve already been eliminated from the ping pong tournament, so I might as well dive right into the blog wrap up!

Early this week we delivered a few helpful social media posts. Because who doesn’t like social media? I don’t know but most brides these days seem to be all over it. That’s why we wrote this Social Media Tips for Your Wedding post. Not getting married anytime soon but just want to learn more about this whole Facebook Timeline thing? Then check out our Facebook Timeline advice for performers.

Moving away from social media and going to the real world, check out this real classic barn wedding. Need some more real world news? Read about the top kids’ party trends of 2011 to learn what the kids are into these days. And speaking of kids’ parties, this week we dished out party tips for shy kids plus tips for hosting a kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day party. Ge them while they are hot!

Did you know that Thursday was International Women’s Day? Well, we did. That’s why we posted our Top 10 Wedding Songs for Girl Power. We also shouted out a few of our fantastic female members this International Women’s Day post.

Not only did we teach you about International Women’s Day this week, we also dropped some knowledge about founding father Ben Franklin. See, Mr. Franklin invented a very cool instrument called the Armonica (no, not the harmonica) and one of our very first members, Cecila Brauer, just so happens to be one of about 15 or so master Armonica players in the world today! Do yourself a favor and learn more in our post: Ben Franklin, GigMasters & the Armonica.


That’s about enough knowledge for one blog post. Here’s hoping you have a great weekend! See you back here next week.

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