Weekly Wrap Up: August, The Olympics & Beyond

2012 Summer Olympics Gold MedalCould it be that August is here already? Yes. Is summer almost over? Only if you’re a glass half empty type person. Luckily we’re eternal optimists here at GigMasters so we’re celebrating all the glory that comes with August rather than mourning the passing of summer.

We had a couple major news items in this first week of August. Of course the London Olympics are well underway as are the only slightly less glamorous and competitive GigMasters Office Olympics. But before we get to the games, the big news around here is the introduction of GigMasters Profiles. Actually, that’s really just a new name for GigMasters Press Kits. Yes, to help get our clients and vendors on the same page, we’re getting rid of Press Kits in favor of Profiles – read more.

Now onto the fun stuff – the games! Here at GigMasters HQ we’ve been known to blow off steam by spending our breaks locked in combat playing a variety of “sports” (more like games). That’s where the idea for our own Office Olympics came from. Check out this early Olympic report from our own Customer Specialist/Olympic Commissioner, Katie.

In other timely news, it’s just about back to school season. Whether or not the kids agree, this is good news for most parents. Get ready to celebrate this annual miracle with the Back to School Party Ideas we posted this week here on our Life of the Party blog. And, here’s a free bonus party idea, hire a caricaturist to lampoon and entertain your guests both big and small.

Like the rest of summer, August is of course a big month for weddings. Luckily our Wedding Blog has you covered. We’ve got real weddings, like this ‘DIY Barn Wedding,’ plus insightful interviews with real wedding planners. We’ve also got helpful wedding planning tips like this ‘Most Popular Wedding Song‘ post and tips on writing your own vows - here’s a tip I learned the hard way: no swearing!


Those are the highlights from the blogs this week but of course there’s lots of great stuff on our Party, Wedding and Inside the Gig blogs. Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Here’s hoping you had a great week and that you have a gold medal weekend!


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