Weekly Wrap Up: Hello December, My Old Friend


Soon enough

Hey guess what? It’s December already. And even though technically Winter isn’t supposed to arrive until December 21st, it’s already pretty chilly outside of GigMasters HQ (inside too – somebody turn up the heat!)

Just because we are f-f-freezing doesn’t mean we aren’t excited it’s December. In fact we’ve been busy planning and writing about great winter events here on our Life of the Party blog. There’s a lot to consider when planning Christmas, holiday and New Year’s Eve parties. For example, do you know how to hire Santa Claus? GigMasters makes it easy to find and hire Santa, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn.

Planning a family-friendly holiday party this month? You definitely want to check out our Family Holiday Parties post for tips on keeping your party safe and fun for guests both young and old. While you are at it, check out our New Year’s Eve Party Guide for tips for the second biggest (first for some of us) party of the month.

But of course holiday parties aren’t the only events on our collective mind. People are always planning weddings, no matter how cold it gets. Some of the week’s highlights from the Wedding Blog were the photos from Monday’s real circus theme wedding and Tuesday’s post: Are Engagement Photos Useful? No matter where you stand on that issue, we think you’ll enjoy our wedding bouquet toss playlist.

Speaking of music, we think both musicians and music fans can find something to love about Google Music. This week on Inside the Gig we explained how to sell your music on Google Music for all you budding musicians out there. We also introduced an exciting new feature that allows our members to add bookings to GigMasters on behalf of clients. Well, it’s exciting to us and our members at least.

Speaking of our wonderful members – this week we hit an amazing milestone. GigMasters now has 10,000 members!

A year or two (or fourteen when the site first launched) that was an impossible dream. Now it’s an amazing reality.

Thanks to all of our talented, loyal members and our fun-loving clients! We do it all for you!

That about does it for us. Have a wonderful (almost) winter weekend and we’ll see you back here next week!


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